(Last updated 20:00 MEZ 10 September 2017)

What information do you collect?

When you join Account Analysis by Luca, you sign up through the OAuth-Process of Twitter. The information I store on the server are your Twitter ID, your Twitter screenname, your Twitter language setting, your OAuth Token and Secret, the URL to your Twitter profile image, when you first signed up with Account Analysis by Luca and when you last logged in through Twitter. This information is needed for the service to work. The OAuth Token and Secret are used to request the data needed for analysis from Twitter.

Google Adsense and Google Analytics are used for Ads and Analytics. Both collect a wide range of data. You can opt-out with the official Browser Add On. Google Privacy Policy. For a better user experience and privacy, you can use Ghostery and uBlock Origin.

Twitter tracks through their embedded Tweets feature. Twitter Privacy Policy.

Mailchimp is used to provide a Sign Up Form and a Newsletter. This is optional and not needed for the Account Analysis by Luca to work. Because of the embedded form, Mailchimp collects some data as well. Mailchimp Privacy Policy.

Some JS and CSS files are loaded from maxcdn and cdnJS. cdnJS Privacy Policy. cdnJS is hosted by cloudflare. Cloudflare Privacy Policy.

What do you do with this information?

Your Twitter OAuth Token and Secret are used to request Tweets and other information through the Twitter API. They are never shared with others. Adsense collects data to show you ads. Google Analytics data is anonymized and used to understand how the service is used and how to improve it.

Is my information secure?

I store only the minimum of information that is needed to provide this service. The most important information are your OAuth Token and Secret. I have taken steps to ensure my database is secure. If there ever is a breach, I will try to inform all users. You can revoke the OAuth Token and Secret from your Twitter settings at any time. Because the Token and Secret only offer the ability to read Tweets and other information from Twitter, an attacker could not take over your account or read direct messages.

What about cookies?

Account Analysis by Luca stores a cookie on your computer to track you while you are on the site. The information in this cookie is a string of characters that is meaningless to everyone and everything except our server. No personal information is stored in the cookie. The information in the cookie can not be used by third parties to gain access to your account information.

Still have questions?

I realize everyone has a different view on privacy. I take your privacy seriously. If you have concerns, or are unclear about any aspect of this privacy policy, please contact me, and I will be happy to discuss the matter with you.